Discover your bohemian side in Lima


Lima, the capital and main gateway to Peru, is a city of contrasts which has it all and does not leave those who dare to take a chance on her indifferent. The best gastronomy in Latin America, beaches, excellent cultural activities, a rich historical legacy and a vibrant nightlife make this a unique city in South America.

In Miraflores, the most cosmopolitan area of the city, the Costa Verde, as the beaches are known, surprises. Raising your eyes to the sky will reveal many paragliders being carried on the coastal currents of air. And if we look out to sea, surfers complete this wonderful snapshot, cutting through the Pacific waves on their boards; waves that have shaped several world champions, such as Sofía Mulanovich

_(Photo: PromPerú)_

Lately, the traditional and romantic district of Barranco has gained a special reputation after being named internationally as one of the 25 most hipster neighborhoods in the world. It is not unusual to see cafés, bookshops, art galleries, independent boutiques, bars and organic food shops spring up in its streets, where young people (on vintage bicycles) gather to have fun and simply watch life pass by; the pace mellow yet exciting.

_(Photo: PromPerú)_

Barranco is a beautiful historic neighborhood, full of large houses which were the vacation homes of Lima residents in the 1920s. These large houses, built in the European style and with huge marble staircases, have been altered by local architects and artists to give Barranco its current air. Dare to walk through its streets and write part of your story in them.

_This article was brought to you by_ Prom Perú _a committee working towards promoting exportation and tourism of Peru._There are many sides to the capital city- which do you identify with?