Dolce Capriccio: A great cafe for a lunch, but even better for dessert


One of the things I love most about hanging out in Lima is the wide variety of wonderful cafes. One of my favorites is Dolce Capriccio because not only are the main dishes delicious, but there is also an amazing variety of expertly crafted desserts. 

Located in a converted house, the café is decorated in a clean, modern Italian style with seating in various rooms, including upstairs. Tables can be easily moved together to accommodate groups of friends in the dining area, and there are also comfy chairs for a more casual setting. 

The kitchen prepares a full menu of starters, soups, salads, omelets, quiches, hot and cold sandwiches, and pasta dishes.  The specialty of the house is the desserts.

We started off our lunch with salmon capriccio. This offering is prepared with quality salmon and beautifully presented. The rocoto relleno quiche was one of our favorite dishes. The quiches and the pastel de choclo are served with green salad dressed with a light vinaigrette. Chicken rolls stuffed with pecans served with sweet and sour sauce make a nice light lunch. The artichoke tortellini in a red sauce is hardy and satisfying. If you love creamy pasta dishes, try the fettuccini al pesto. In this dish mushrooms, bacon and pecans are mixed for an interesting combination. Chicken curry served with Peruvian rice topped with almonds, raisins, and chives was a particular favorite.

Enjoy one of Dolce Capriccio’s wonderful desserts with a specialty Italian coffee. The torta de chocolate is the café’s must-try dessert and a best-seller.

Another great choice is the carrot cake frosted with a classic cream cheese frosting. A local favorite, tocino de cielo, is a traditional dessert from Arequipa similar to Mexican flan. The list of desserts goes on and on. I plan on going back until I have tried each and every one.

Do you have a special event coming up? While you are there be sure to pick up the to-go menus. Mini sandwiches, quiches, pies, cakes, cheesecakes and cookies are all available for special order.

This is a great place to enjoy great food in a relaxed atmosphere. Dolce Capriccio is perfect for a quite moment by yourself or for a fun get-together with friends.


Dolce Capriccio
Calle Dos de Mayo 701, Miraflores