Don Chumán will no longer wander the streets


A representative of the Municipality of Ferreñafe has told Living in Peru that they are grateful for the interest the “very special case” of “Luciano Chumán’s transformation”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/news-lambayeque-community-helps-homeless-man-107644 has generated and hope that it serves as an example for other cities.

Eighty-three year-old Luciano Chumán, who was until two weeks ago wandering the streets of Ferreñafe in Lambayeque, is being cared for by the local Evangelical church and is no longer homeless. Nicknamed ‘Crazy Chumán’ by his community, he is reported to suffer from schizophrenia. He had been homeless for years. His neighbors recently took him in, washing and shaving him, giving him a haircut and new clothes, and helping him to get his National Identity number (DNI) back and access medical care.

A week after Mr Chumán made news across the world, we got in touch with the Municipality of Ferreñafe to find out how he is getting on and how the town is reacting to the international attention.

“Don Chumán will no longer wander the streets of Ferreñafe,” confirmed Public Relations and Institutional Image Officer Yesenia Abad Cruzado, saying that the Municipality hopes that the town’s compassion is an example that will be followed by other cities. “The humanitarian gesture of the Ferreñafanos is an example of love for fellow man and an act of solidarity,” she added.

_(Photo: Municipalidad Provincial de Ferreñafe Facebook)_

Mr Chumán is being cared for by the “Manantial de agua viva” arm of the local Evangelical church and his paperwork is being processed by the Municipality. Soon he’ll have his National Identity Number (DNI) and access to medical care.

Burgomaster Jacinto Muro Távara applauded his town’s actions and said that he hoped that people in other areas would follow suit.

“…It’s a human act that we must follow the example of, not only with Mr Chumán, but with many more brothers who surely need our help and to whom we sadly sometimes manage to be indifferent,” he said.

The act of kindness has captured the imagination of the international press, with the story being covered by more than a dozen outlets and in several languages. In reaching out to Mr Chumán the people of Ferreñafe have helped more than one person, they’ve set an example of altruism. It’s redirected people’s thoughts around the world towards the needy and the homeless. And it’s not even Christmas.