El Calor Nos Une: Brasas Fest


Under the motto ‘El Calor Nos Une’ ten restaurants will be participating in the First Gastronomic Festival in Lima that is to take place December 8, 9, 10 at the Lima Polo Club in Surco.

(Photo: Luis Morales Tineo)
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Living in Peru was invited to the launching event and was pleasantly surprised with the variety and novelty of some of the dishes these restaurants were presenting. There were all kinds of meat, seafood and even dessert coming straight from the grill.

Not to be missed were the ‘Rachi de lapas anticucheras’ by KuMar, the ‘Panquitas de mero a la brasa’ by WaSaJul, the ‘Grilled Seashells’ by Arlette from Matira, and the ‘Choco Mellow’ by well known Ana Avellana.

Tickets are sold for s./40 but if you buy ahead of time, the entrance will be s./30 and children below 12 do not pay. Dishes will be sold at s./20 each. Doors will open at 12.30 and close at 11 pm.

Do go hungry as there is plenty to choose from. I can guarantee you that you will easily succumb to the wonderful smells of the grill and most probably, end up sucking those unbelievable flavors from the tip of your fingers.

Brasas Fest
Lima Polo Club



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