Electronic Payments Grew 60% In The Last 5 Years In Peru


The electronic payments in Peru’s financial system have maintained a favorable evolution in the past 5 years, reporting a total of 552 million transactions, equaling an advance of 5.561%.

“However, within the framework of this investigation, it has been established that the use of cash continues to predominate in the payment operations of all Peruvians”, informed Perú 21.

The figures show that Peru is not immune to the global trend of reducing the use of cash and increasing electronic media, according to the report “Reducing the use of cash in Peru” prepared by ASBANC.

Also, the Asbanc economic studies manager, Alberto Morisaki, indicated that there have been great advances in recent years in mobile banking. “From 0.1% in 2012 to 5.1% in 2017, surpassing ATMs, bank tellers and online purchases”, the media explained.

Mobile banking transactions went from 377 thousand to 28 million in that period, which represented an advance of more than 7,000%,” informed Morisaki.

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