Emergency Area in Peruvian hospital is dangerously overcrowded


The Emergency Area in the National Peruvian Police Hospital has exceeded its capacity of attention significantly. It only has 50 beds available for the average 300 patients that they see every day. The situation was confirmed by the General Accounting of the Republic which visited the hospital yesterday as part of their operations of control of national hospitals.

One of the members of the organization, Edgar Alarcon, told El Comercio, ¨We have also proved that the elevators for the movement of patients is not functioning and as a result they have to be carried, which is a risk for their recuperation. This situation is unsustainable and should be urgently fixed.¨

The hospital is currently operating with a mere ten ambulances to attend to emergencies, and only have two gallons of gas daily allotted for their use. This is due to the fact that the director of the hospital is dealing with only 20,000 soles for administrative costs.

The inspectors interviewed medical personnel and patients and took a look at technical documents to help them accurately establish conditions in the medical center. They also analyzed the application of rules and norms in each of the different parts of the hospital to identify the possible risks in these critical areas.

They hope to file a formal report in 30 days which will contribute to the immediate improvement of the nation’s hospitals.
Only 50 beds are available in the hospital which receives on average 300 patients a day.