The Enigmatic and Imposing Monuments of Marcahuamachuco (Video)

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Neighbours feel proud when they introduce Marcahuamachuco as the Machu Picchu of the northern mountain range of Peru, while young people say that their constructions could well serve as a stage for Games of Thrones.

Marcahuamachuco meets all the requirements to become another of many tourist attractions Peru has to offer: its colossal stone constructions rise on the top of a mountain, 3,600 meters above sea level surrounded by natural abysses, extensive walls and a panorama of great impact landscape.

It is located just three kilometers from Huamachuco, a city that has basic services and a certain prosperity due to the mines nearby. And people can arrive after a short trip of only four hours from Trujillo.

However, Marcahuamachuco only received 13 thousand visitors during the last year, of which only 1 percent were foreigners.

Marcahuamachuco has been considered a relic since the Incas were here, as well as its neighboring monuments Cerro Miraflores, while Wiracochapampa was a model of a pre-Hispanic city that never got to populate.  But in the last decades, their spaces were upset by farmers and shepherds.


La ciudad amurallada de Marcahuamachuco

Marcahuamachuco: La monumental ciudadela pétrea que se proyecta como epicentro turístico de la sierra norte. #Trujillo NOTA COMPLETA: https://goo.gl/GXUs5C

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The truth is that parallel to the tasks of conservation and enhancement of monuments, Marcahuamachuco deserves the installation of a cable car following the successful experience of gondolas in Kuélap.

Tourists would share the astonishment for the landscape and for a monument that is projected as the tourist epicenter of the north mountain range of Peru. Nevertheless, it’s still an excellent destination for tourists looking for a memorable adventure.

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