Epic Fireworks Closing the Matsuri 2017 (VIDEO)


The Japanese- Peruvian event Matsuri 2017 celebrated last week in Pueblo Libre went off with a bang!

This past Saturday Matsuri 2017, an event dedicated to celebrating the union between Japanese and Peruvian cultures, was closed with an extraordinary firework show.

The massive event, which took place in Pueblo Libre, was crowded with stands full of typical dishes from the Asian country and Japanese merchandise ready to be sold.

From 12 pm onwards, people were able to enjoy different types of activities such as the presentation of Japanese handcrafts created by children, typical dances, encounters with guests from other countries and live musical bands.

The top moment of the afternoon was when the band “Betabox” sang the opening songs from the emblematic anime series Dragon Ball and Digimon with an emotive crowd singing along.

Following a raffle to win a ticket to visit Japan, there was a martial arts exhibition from local academies. Before the closing ceremony, the last musical event was a special presentation from Beto Shiroma, Lucy Nagamine and Eric Fukusaki who came from Japan.

But last and not least was the “Hanibi” (a special fireworks show) that was chosen to close this year’s Matsuri event.

Source: Aris Sandrea
(Cover Photo and Video): Aris Sandrea

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