New travel blog: Jillian in the Jungle


*Watch out for Peru this Week’s new travel blog: Jillian in the Jungle, coming next Tuesday!*

Exotic plant expert and ethnobotanist, Dr Jillian Stansbury will take you deep into the jungle and show you plant life you never knew existed in her monthly blog, Jillian in the Jungle, on the third Tuesday of every month!

Dr Jillian Stansbury has spent six months a year in Peru for the past eight years, studying the plants with botanists, with street herbalists, with shaman and shamana, and with numerous indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

She leads 10-day trips through the Andes and Amazon to meet the plants in person, as well as her friends in the various tribal communities. This blog series will explore people’s connections to the plant realm here in Peru.

Dr Stansbury serves as botanical medicine faculty for several U.S. medical universities, lectures widely throughout the U.S. and Canada on the topic of medicinal plant chemistry, and maintains a medical clinic outside of Portland.

*Want to know more? You can sign up for an Ethnobotany journey by contacting Dr Stansbury at jstansbury@ncnm.edu.*Meet Peru this Week’s new trail blogger, Dr Jillian Stansbury.