1st International Avocado Congress


This year, the First International Avocado Congress will take place in Peru, organized by ProHass.

According to Fresh Plaza, this will be a scientific event that will showcase “the main advances and updates to improve the production and the quality of avocado cultivation”.

The Congress will take place will be held on December 11 and 12 at the Lima’s Convention Center. The expectation is of 300 people, including associates, technicians, producers, and members of the sector, both national and foreign.

“The Congress will address issues such as: A non-destructive model to determine physiological maturity; Integrated management of insects and mites; Wood mushrooms and flowering mushrooms in Peru; The importance of phytosanitary applications; Regulations for the production of avocado trees in nurseries; Culture nutrition in different areas of Peru; and the importance of irrigation and fertigation”, Fresh Plaza explained.

Arturo Medina Castro, general manager of ProHass, said that this association wishes to showcase Peru’s avocado to the world. “He also said that they firmly believed this kind of event promoted the optimization of crop management to produce more and higher quality fruit”, according to Fresh Plaza.