2018 DB Peru Glamourween Masquerade Gala


The 2018 DB Peru Glamourween Masquerade Gala promises to be, yet again, the most beautiful night of the year!

Add a little mystery by masking your face with something fanciful or fine, and join us for a spectacular evening of great food and drinks and plenty of dancing.  This isn’t a costume event! We want everyone to stay gorgeous and glamourous while you masquerade behind a mask!

Join the magic of the masquerade!

For tickets, contact:

Christine Stayte – 992 243 403 or estayte@gmail.com

Dionne Harmon – 966 404 602 or brookhv@hotmail.com

Renzo Peña – 999 066 999 or renzo3566@aol.com

Or at info@dbperu.org

Bank deposits can be made at Banco de Credito dolares ahorros #19423907696185.  Please remember to email your receipt to one of the addresses above to gain your tickets.  Due to additional security measures, tickets will not be sold on the day of the event so make sure you don’t miss this lovely night.

Looking forward to seeing you for a great night.  Thank you for your support of the work of DB Peru.



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