Ex Peru this Week intern runs half-marathon to raise money for Peruvian charity


Amantani is a charity that works with children in Ccorca, a small Quechua district in the Andes.

The charity’s creators wanted to bridge the gap between school and home. One of the gaps was a very physical one: the children had to walk 8 hours every day to get to and from school. The charity now provides three boarding houses for children to stay closer to school.

Amantani also works with the 18 Ccorca schools to bridge an educational gapand help schools provide an inter-cultural curriculum for the children, whose first language is Quechua.

One of Peru this week’s ex interns, Charley Allen is running a half-marathon on Sept. 15 to raise money for Amantani. The run is taking place at Grafham Water, in England.

Guiness World Record holder. Ed Stafford, who holds the record for being the first person to have walked the entire length of the Amazon river, supports the run. He said: The educational projects that Amantani run up in the Andes of Peru struck a chord with me after walking over the entire Andes range during my two-year Amazon walk. The people who benefit are the kindest, happiest and yet poorest on the planet and with Amantani’s help many children no longer have an 8-hour walk to school!

Charley says that training is going ok, but this is my first big race so I have no idea what I’m doing! And my feet are a mess and my back aches…

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*For more information about Amantani, visit their website Allen, one of Peru this Week’s ex interns, is running a half marathon for Peruvian charity, Amantani.