Experts From Birmingham City University Shared Knowledge To Tackle Flooding In Peru


An international group of scientists and academics released a project to tackle flooding in Peru. Recently, Birmingham City University and other British organizations members shared knowledge with Peruvian universities.

The aim is to be able to support vulnerable communities living in high-risk zones across Peru, one of the world’s most flood-prone countries.

Flooding experts professors David Proverbs, Roger Wall and Michael Grace traveled to Peru and worked based in the northern region of Piura. On field, they visited some risk areas and explored how changes to engineering, government policies, urban and rural planning could help prevent flooding. Besides, those changes could improve response times in emergency situations.

Academics have spent twenty years researching flood risk management. Cambridge University, Newcastle University, King’s College London, St Andrews University, Aston University and Heriot Watt University are also involved in the global project.

The team worked together with the Geophysical Institute of Peru, Puria’s University and the local Governor. Proverbs, Wall and Grace also hosted a four-day workshop with groups of experts and researchers to share the results from the journey and more knowledge about floodings.

The workshop focused on seven key topics: Community and economic development; Health and well-being; Urban planning; Infrastructure; Risk information; Governance and The Piura River system.

(Cover Photo BCU)

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