Explosion in Chile leaves 8 injured


Chile´s capital, Santiago, was rattled Monday afternoon and it wasn´t an earthquake.

Officials report that around 2:00 PM Monday, an explosion set off in the subway station of Santiago´s Military School. Luckily only eight people were injured, despite the busy lunch hour. Two of the victims are in critical condition, the most affected of whom is a health worker who lost the fingers of his right hand.

While Chile´s Secretary General Alvaro Elizalde described it as a terrorist act, the Deputy Interior Minister, Mahmoud Aleuy evaluated the country´s next steps.

Innocent people have been affected by this terrorist act and the government will invoke the Patriot Act…this crime will not go unpunished,” he assured.

Aleuy has since stated that there are two suspects who were seen fleeing from the station in a White Chevrolet. Eye witnesses have commented that the explosive was disguised in a woman´s purse.

The Mercury, a Chilean news source, reports that Interior Minister Rodrigo Peñailillo will meet with President Michelle Bachelet to further analyze the situation.

At the moment, the metro station has been cordoned off and closed.
Chilean officials say it was likely an act of terrorism.



Agnes Rivera

A U.S. native plucked from the green surroundings of her home state of Oregon, Agnes Rivera has been living in Lima, Peru, fulfilling various occupations such as teaching, translating, and journalism. While indoors she uses her time creatively to build "recycled art" and read fiction, she is quick to use any excuse to be outdoors, balancing her inner home-body lifestyle with an adventurous spirit to explore all that Peru has to offer.