Expo Café 2017 Promoting Domestic Consumption


(Photo from La Republica)

In Peru, 800 grams of coffee a year are consumed per person, a low figure compared to the 4 kilos consumed in Brazil. Expo Café gathered the best producers last Saturday in Lima.

Peru has the privilege of having about 20 types of coffee crops, which are harvested by 223,000 Peruvian agricultural families in about 9 thousand hectares located in 17 regions of the country.

These numbers led Peru to position itself as the second largest producer and exporter of organic coffee in the world.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the export projection next year would range between US$ 750 and US$ 800 million; this result would bypass 2016’s figures (US$ 670 million). In summary, the results are positive in the global market.

However, in Peruvian territory, there is still an arduous task to be developed.

In the last 10 years, efforts to promote coffee consumption in Peru led to the consumption per capita from 650 grams to 800 grams. It is a breakthrough, but it is still far from the 2 kilos that are consumed in Colombia and the 4 kilos in Brazil.

In this cafe expo, not only could the variety of Peruvian coffee be tasted, but producers were also able to make sales through the business wheel with the presence of buyers from Canada, Mexico, Singapore, among others.

Peruvian coffee has been demonstrated to be improving with the passage of time; it is very delicious and its promotion is increasing consumption among Peruvians.

Do you drink coffee on a daily basis? What is your favorite type of coffee?

Source: La Republica

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