Exports of Cocoa Generate an Income of US$ 2 Million Per Year in Piura

(Photo by La Republica)

Experts assure there is a lot of potential. This region has more than 3,000 acres for cocoa planting.

The fame and recognition Peruvian chocolate has been receiving lately is not a secret anymore, and it might be boosted a little bit more since Piura can become a massive cocoa producer.

Eduardo Espinoza Tamariz, a member of the Regional Technical Table of Cocoa, said that there is currently an average of 700 kilos per hectare (ha) in this region, but they expect the figure to rise to about 1,500 ha.

He indicated that there is an area of 1,400 ha for the sowing of this product at a regional level. The province of Morropón is the main cocoa producing area where 900 ha are used for mass production.

Espinoza said that the exports of Piura’s cocoa generate an income of two million dollars per year. Its commercialization takes place in important countries of Europe like France, Holland, Italy, and Germany, as well as in Canada and the United States. He said that around 1,700 farmers are dedicated entirely to the growing of cocoa.

“Piura has a special type of cocoa with a unique color, flavor and aroma,” said Eduardo Espinoza, who informed that today, Friday, October 6., will be held the Second Regional Cocoa Convention in the city of Chulucanas.

Also important to note and recall: it was reported that the Phenomenon “El Niño Costero” that occurred earlier this year affected some 20 hectares of production due to heavy rains and floods, as phytosanitary problems occurred.

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