Exports Have Created More Than 85,000 Jobs

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The National Association of Industries highlighted that exports have created 17% of formal jobs in Peruvian industry

Exports have been one of the main focus of Peruvian economy in the latest years. Looking for Free Trading Agreements have shown to be a quite beneficial for expanding Peruvian products to international markets.

The national association confirmed that since 1979, the shipment of greater added value to countries abroad grew 7.2% annually. It is worth mentioning that Peru is looking to close other Free Trade Agreements, such as the one with Australia.

The association also stated that a non-traditional export labor regime has assisted the growth of exports, improving their added value. This regime allows companies exporting items such as textiles or agro-industries, to hire workers temporarily and indefinitely.

It should be noted that the positions generated under the regime have access to all labor rights and benefits considered in Peruvian law.

Do you think exports will become the first source of income in Peru?

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