Falabella and Ripley Increasing Their Sales Volume


The two biggest store chains in the country serve as an example of a growing economy.

One month ago we reported that department stores were expected to close their year with a high amount of sales.

Two excellent examples of this expected increase are Falabella and Ripley, which are right now the two biggest store chains in Peru.

Falabella showed profits of US$ 10,117,000,000, after the closing of the third quarter of the year. When compared to the same period in 2016 it is possible to see an increase of almost 4%. However, net income was negative with a final number of US$ 134 million. The reason was the external expenses of the business which were up to US$ 219 million.

Apparently, online sales played an essential part in this increase and they are expecting to make it grow even more during 2018. Don’t miss: why almost half of Peruvians buy their tickets to the movie theater online.

Regarding Ripley, it increased its income range according to the latest financial analysis. The Chilean company raised its profits by 4.1%, in relation to the numbers of last year. The current figure amounts to US$ 384,383 million.

As it happened to Falabella, Ripley also stated the importance of internet sales in this result. Also, products of the same brand (Ripley, in this case) helped a lot to achieve the high sale growth.

Do you like to go shopping at these store chains?

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