Fan Who Asked God for the Peruvian team: “It came from the bottom of my heart”


Álvaro Aliaga could not hide his passion for the national soccer team. He said he did not ask for results, but for the emotional tranquillity of those selected.

Álvaro Aliaga is a common fan of the Peruvian national team. However, his passion for the team goes hand in hand with his love for God. The young man, aged 30, belongs to the church ‘Cristo Salvador’ in Surco, where he participates in the masses on a regular basis.

In that sense, something singular happened at the last ceremony last Saturday. During the requests, the bicolor fan did not hesitate to ask for the tranquility of those led by Ricardo Gareca, who must face two major matches for the 2018 Russia Qualifiers.

“I always ask for the team, at each mass we ask for 5 requests and one was missing, no one expected it, it’s not for them to win, it’s for them to have emotional reassurance.” People responded and everyone replied enthusiastically: “we ask you, oh Lord”. “This not only unites the Catholic Church but the country,” said the young man to Peru21.

Likewise, the popular fan stressed that he never thought of becoming known on the Internet.

“God wants the boys to be metalized, they do not have any injuries, and they are focused. They were already winners, I did not know they were filming me” he said.

Last week there was a shooting because of a soccer game. Do you think fans are taking this passion too far?

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