Farfan: the Peruvian Striker is on a Hot Streak (VIDEO)

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7 months from the beginning of the World Cup, the Peruvian player keeps surprising his fans.

Jefferson Farfán continues to expand his scoring streak at the Lokomotiv in Moscow.

This afternoon he scored a goal in his team’s Europa League match against Zlin. Jefferson Farfan’s goal took place at 75 minutes. The Russian team was able to beat Zlin at home with a final score of 2-0 in the Andrův stadion.

Jefferson Farfán continues his scoring streak. Last Saturday he scored the lone goal as his club beat Rubin Kazan in the Russian League. Before that match, he scored against Copenhagen in the Europa League.

This streak is important to cheer up the team and its fans since there is a lot of uncertainty regarding what is going to happen with Paolo Guerrero and FIFA’s final decision on his situation. It is worth mentioning that Farfan dedicated his goal against New Zealand to the captain that was not able to play those matches.

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Do you like the way Farfán is playing?

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