Father Of Spanish Woman Found In The Jungle Says She Returned To Spain Voluntarily


Alberto Aguilar, father of Patricia, the 19-year-old Spanish girl rescued from a sect in Peru, assured today that they are “very well, very happy” after they returned last Friday from the Andean country with the baby the young woman had in the jungle.

Aguilar had traveled to Peru to recover his daughter from Felix Steven Manrique, who calls himself Prince Gurdjeff, and who led a satanic sect that was holding three women captive in the Peruvian jungle.

“He reported that he felt ‘an immense joy’ to know that his daughter was alive and has detailed that since last Friday Patricia and her baby are staying with the family”, said El Confidencial.

According to him, there will be progress in her recovery thanks to the support of social services and he predicts that everything will be overcome since she seems willing to do so.

As for the months Patricia spent in the jungle with her captor, she has not told her father much, “only comments about the food or the river that passed nearby”, he said to the media in a press conference.

In addition, the family has claimed a law against the sects and the establishment of protocols in cases of disappearance so that they can be activated immediately.

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