Fernando de Szyszlo: The Outstanding Peruvian Artist Dies at the Age of 92


The Peruvian painter and sculptor who in life accumulated international fame died this last Monday at his home in San Isidro. His wife Liliana Yábar de Szyszlo died the next day.

“They were perfect, last Thursday I had lunch here, they were perfectly fine,” said one of the artist’s friends who arrived at the house. It should be noted that around 4.30 p.m. a unit of the General Fire Department attended to the house due to a medical emergency that had been reported. El Comercio and La Republica reported that the artist had suffered an accident inside his home.

Additionally, Monday afternoon his wife Liliana Yábar de Szyszlo died, with whom he spent 29 years of marriage.

Szyszlo Valdelomar is the most outstanding representative of abstraction in the country, developing what was considered a personal abstract Indigenous style. The artist had a brilliant career both nationally and internationally. In recognition of his outstanding career in 2011, he received the El Sol del Perú in the Gran Cruz degree. His style is considered unique and an excellent example of Peruvian art.

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His works include “Inkarri”, “Mar de Lurín”, “Ritual table”, “Black sun”, among several others. He will be remembered for his amazing works and for the fame and respect earned not only in Peru but also in the rest of the world.

Do you know any of Fernando’s works? Post your favorite one below. Do you think there should be a special event to commemorate his death? Leave your comment below!

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