Fiamma brings fantastic grilled meat, pizza and pasta to Surco


In our quest to explore what the district of Surco has to offer for eating out, Peru this Week recently discovered Fiamma Parrilla y Pasta in El Polo Plaza. Fiamma specializes in grilled meat, pizza and pasta and does a great job at all three.  The restaurant’s cow sculpture on the side of Avenida El Polo is hard to miss and the interior is classy with a small bar area and a large dining room with dark wooden tables and elegant cream leather tufted booths. The atmosphere is welcoming, especially for work or business lunches on weekdays and for groups of friends and family in the evenings and weekends. I was also pleased to discover that Fiamma offers complimentary parking to its customers and a children’s menu.

Fiamma’s diners are greeted with a basket full of warm buttery croissants and bread rolls with herbed butter and chimichurri. These freshly baked goodies get your appetite in check for what comes afterwards. During our visit we primarily sampled the pasta fatta in casa (pasta made in-house) and the thin-crust pizza napolitana. Chef Junior Arias, 24, also gave us a sneak peek at the autumn 2012 menu.

The most popular platter is the lomo Fiamma. This is a fine cut of sirloin accompanied with the restaurant’s signature papardelle. These perfectly al dente long, flat noodles are tossed with fresh artichokes, mushrooms, asparagus and prosciutto. Each pleasant bite is full of the rich flavor of the meat’s juices blended with the creamy white wine-infused sauce of the pasta. Our party fully appreciated why this is a well-liked option.

Stuffed pasta is also available in different shapes and sizes. For pudgy ravioli with a twist, check out the sweet potato and orange filling served with rosemary sauce. The sweet concoction bursts out of its doughy casing when cut with a knife, to meet with the BBQ sautéed shrimps that crown the ravioli. This is an interesting combo fit to satisfy a sweet craving. Piglet-stuffed agnolotti served with an Asian-inspired sauce is a new addition to the menu that Chef Arias is very enthusiastic about.

Dessert options are plentiful and we tried the merengado de chirimoya. Fresh and minimally-processed cherimoya pulp is mashed and topped with cracked meringue bits and drizzled with dulce de leche sauce. This is cherimoya simplicity at its best!

Fiamma’s beef cuts and pastas are definitely worth trying. Vegetarians can also find happiness here with pizzas, veggie lasagnas and salads. Also, a couple of fish dishes can satisfy pescatarians. The average consumption is 100 Soles per person. Fiamma was very busy on a Friday at lunchtime and it seems to be getting more attention from nearby offices and neighbors.

Monterrico and El Polo are attracting worthwhile culinary options as they continue to exhibit phenomenal growth. Fiamma, as one of the established restaurants in the area, has a lot to offer.