FIFA Sanctions Paolo Guerrero for One Year


Lawyers remain hopeful about appeals to allow the player to go to the World Cup.

Last week we reported the decision regarding Paolo Guerrero’s case would be made public during the weekend. Unfortunately, the decision was not the one expected.

Nevertheless, Jhonny Baldovino, the legal advisor of the Association of Footballers (SAFAP), considers the possibility of overturning the decision in appeals.

“If it were a football game, we would have already lost the first half, but it could be turned in the second.”

If the decision comes out in January, a file can be appealed asking for a precautionary measure while reviewing the entire process. In 20 days they can accept it or deny it. The consultant said that FIFA closes its doors from December 20 until January 5 (for holidays), and in that case, a request to summon all the members of that court to return from vacation would be needed.

It is worth recalling what Paolo’s nutritionist had to say about his case and why he would have been mistakenly diagnosed with adverse results.

What do you think about this? Do you think Paolo will be able to go to the World Cup?

(Cover photo from archive)

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