FIFA’s Decision Regarding Paulo Guerrero’s Case to be Announced this Weekend


Fred Caldeira from Esporte Interativo reported that the decision about Paolo Guerrero’s case will be announced this weekend.

The news that took the breath away from all Peruvian fans only a few days before the last two matches that decided its qualification for the World Cup will soon find an end. The case of Paolo Guerrero and the adverse results given by their exams ended up in a suspension not allowing him to play FIFA matches.

As the provisional suspension received by Paolo Guerrero ended on December 3, FIFA gave him a 10-day extension until the final decision is made public. The original analytical examination carried out after a goalless draw against Argentina showed the presence of benzoylecgonine a substance found in Cocaine.

After Paolo Guerrero attends the trial in Zurich to make his discharges, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee should issue the official ruling within this Monday, 04 and Tuesday, December 05. However, the Brazilian press has indicated that Paolo Guerrero’s sentence will not be revealed until this weekend.

The maximum penalty Guerrero could receive is a four-year ban and the minimum would be six months. Although the lawyers of the national striker seek that he be acquitted upon learning that he did not consume any prohibited substance. It is worth noting that lawyers remain quite hopeful about this situation.

What you think will be FIFA’s decision?

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