Finally Confirmed! Peru Vs New Zealand will be Streamed


The suspense regarding which channels would broadcast the first leg of this duel to see which team goes to the World Cup 2018 is finally over!

Teams from Peru and New Zealand will face each other for the first time this November 10 in Wellington, New Zealand. There has been a lot of drama regarding the match; just yesterday we published an article on Anthony Hudson, the New Zealand coach who claimed that a defeat to the All Whites would be devastating to the Peruvian team.

However, what really worried fans were that there was no information regarding which channels would stream the match.

It was finally confirmed that the first leg will be broadcasted by Movistar Deportes.

Daniel Peredo, Movistar Deportes journalist, was in charge of giving the announcement through his official Twitter account, and minutes later he communicated the message to the cable channel itself through Marketing Director Luis Acuña.

In this article, you can see why this topic became an issue; apparently, the media chain with the broadcasting rights was asking for a huge amount of money. Nevertheless, after several weeks of negotiations, it was finally confirmed that not only Movistar Deportes but also ATV, the channel that usually transmits the matches played by Peru, will have the rights to broadcast the meeting in New Zealand, and even América Televisión will be able to broadcast the match.

The first duel is coming next Friday. Where do you plan to watch it? Who do you think will be the star of the first game?

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