Firefighters Trained Families in Emergency Action

(Photo by El Comercio)

Families learned to use fire extinguishers in domestic fires and even know how to perform a cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuver.

In addition to the intentional incendiary activity in Galicia, Spain; forest fires in Portugal and the ones in California, educating people on how to act in case of a fire seems like an accurate decision. It is part of the many precautions related to the possibility of an earthquake, which is very likely to happen after latest records of minor earthquakes (the strongest one was 6.2 in Piura)

Fire company Antonio Alarco Espinoza No. 60 organized the “Puertas Abiertas” fair, which aimed to present, through modules and programmed demonstrations, the high-risk work carried out in the prevention and attention of emergencies, motivating the consolidation of a culture of safety and prevention in our community.

About 100 firefighters trained attendees in the use of extinguishers, putting out a small household fire, and even knowing how to perform a cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuver. Demonstrations were also made in rope descent and incident control with gas leakage.

In addition, they gave talks about the clothing of Volunteer Firefighters and an explanation on the use of tools and accessories. The activity took place in the park last week, in the urbanization San Joaquín, Bellavista. It is expected that after this event, more fairs similar to this will take place in order to instruct people in the use of extinguishers and many other precautions.

Do you think this is a great initiative? What else do you think firefighters or other organizations should teach people?



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