First International Festival of Pre-Columbian Textiles of Peru


Mexico will be the guest of honor and will exhibit part of its textile cultural inheritance in the event.

From March 19 to 24, the “1st International Festival of Pre-Columbian Textiles of Peru”, organized by the Cultural Center of the National University of San Marcos, will be taking place in Lima.

With the support of the National Superior Autonomous School of Fine Arts of Peru, this six-day event will be held at two different locations with the objective to spread the textile cultural heritage of Mexico and Peru.

They unite to spread the textile cultural inheritance of their native people and pre-Columbian techniques that bring together both nations in the art of weaving, through lectures, exhibitions of textiles, product sale, artistic exhibitions, and other activities that will be part of the international meeting.”, wrote La República.

Since 2014 the Cultural Center of San Marcos and the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology Directorate carry out a program of recovery and practical teaching of the pre-Hispanic textile technique directed by the researcher Andrés Yntusca, with techniques such as the grooved, interlaced carpet, dentate and others, belonging to diverse Andean cultures.

Peru and Mexico have a similarity in their textile wealth, which will be exhibited during this event.

The National Autonomous School of Fine Arts will inaugurate the festival on March 19, until the 21, and on March 22 until the 24th, the exhibition will be moved to the Casona de San Marcos.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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