First Lady Nadine Heredia sees drop in approval rating


Peru’s First Lady Nadine Heredia has seen a slight drop in approval ratings, according to a recent survey carried out by CPI.

The survey, quoted by local radio RPP, found that Heredia’s approval had dropped to 63.5 percent in December, a 4.5 point drop since November.

Among those who approved of Heredia’s work, respondents cited her social work, backing her husband, her preparedness, and her concern for the country’s children.

Those who disapproved of the first lady, said it was because of her getting in the way of the president’s decision making, her desire for the spotlight, her authoritarian and arrogant attitude, and her desire for doing politics.

>Meanwhile, President Ollanta Humala’s >approval rating reached 52.2 percent, a 5.4-point increase in December, according to a CPI poll that was published in El Comercio, on Wednesday.

The survey, quoted by local radio RPP, found that Nadine Heredia’s approval dropped to 63.5 percent in December.