First white tiger born in captivity in Peru revealed


The Huachipa Zoo in Lima welcomed the first white tiger born in captivity in the country. The baby is a female who already weighs more than 5 kilos , and has quickly become the star of the private zoo in ATE-Vitarte district.

She was born 41 days ago to a pair of tigers, Yunga and Clarita, who were also born in captivity in zoos in Argentina and Chile.

The new addition to the Huachipa Zoo will be on display beginning this week, when visitors can observe the young tigress in the baby station of the zoo, where she is currently being monitored and fed by a team of veterinarians.

The unnamed tiger was separated from her mother, Clarita, because the mother was not lactating properly. She will join her mother in about 6 month.

The zoo is encouraging its patrons to participate in naming the little tiger. You can submit your name recommendation by visiting the zoo this week between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

The winner and his/her family will get the chance to be photographed with the little white tiger and to play with her for an hour, according the zoo’s Facebook page. You can name her and get a chance to play with her for an hour.