Five applications recommended for cyclists


Yesterday, many took part in activities for World Bicycle Day, a date which seeks to promote around the globe the use of this ecological, sustainable and healthy form of transport.

To commemorate this day, and so you can take full advantage of all your bike rides, we present some applications to record your performance, be aware of the routes and make technical check-ups on the bike.

Runtastic Road Bike GPS

This application lets you record, analyze and share your entire performance while you’re pedaling. First, thanks to its GPS system, you can have basic information such as distance, duration, average speed, pace and calories burned. Also, your friends will have the ability to monitor all your activity and send motivational phrases.

Another highlight of the app is that you can download and save maps and routes on your smartphone, all of which can be accessed without internet.

Available for iOS and Android

Size my bike

It is difficult to find a perfect bike that fits the body, and if you are not comfortable you can not perform to your 100%. This app records your body measurements (height, torso, shoulders, arms and feet) to determine the specific measurements required of the bike.

Available for iOS and Android

Bike Map

This application lets you create your own routes and share with a community of cyclists from around the world, so that later they can use them too. Interestingly, it has more than 800,000 routes around the world. In this way it’s also a good choice for those wishing to publicize smoother routes and shortcuts.

Available for iOS Android and Windows Phone

Panic Button

One of the greatest fears for those who ride in remote areas is to have an accident where help is far away. For this reason the Panic Button was created, a program which allows you to send a distress signal (SMS or email) with your location to people you have registered. In this way, you can prevent emergencies.

Available for Android and iOS

Bici Repair

This application provides you with information about each part of a bicycle and how to fix faults without the need to go to a workshop. It is a complete and useful guide with instructions on how to fix your bike yourself.

Available for Android and iOS

Do you know of other useful apps for cyclists?
Yesterday, April 19, marked World Bicycle Day. Here are five applications you should use to upgrade your ride.