Four goals in six minutes: Brazil’s humiliation in World Cup semi-final


*Germany 7 Brazil 1*

Well, that was unexpected.

The Brazil Germany game has been anxiously anticipated. Both teams are strong, but this was Brazil’s game. Playing on their home ground, the kings of football were meant to sail through this game and their next to World Cup victory. That didn’t happen. Instead, Germany humiliated them with five goals in the first half hour of the match. Sam Borden, reporting for the New York Times noted that by the end the Germans weren’t celebrating their goals any more.

Brazil’s coach Luiz Felipe Scolari said that it may have been the worst day in his life. That was a sentiment most likely shared by the team, who spent the rest of the game looking lost.

Neymar – out of the action after a back injury in the game against Colombia – must have been glad he missed out on that fiasco. Their top defender Thiago Silva also missed out on this match, after having been suspended.

The first goal was scored in the 11th minute by German superstar Thomas Müller with a corner kick from 6 yards out. That was followed by Miroslav Klose – with a goal that brought his tournament total up to 16 and made him the career leader of the 2014 Cup – around 12 minutes later. Germany then scored three more goals in the next six minutes, two from Toni Kroos and another by Sami Khedira.

Things just got worse for Brazil in the second half, with André Schürrle scoring twice more. Brazilian fans left the Stadium in droves, leaving the singing and celebrating German supporters alone with a very satisfied German team and a lost looking Brazilian one.

Brazilian midfielder Oscar managed a lone goal towards the end but it seemed more like an afterthought and did nothing to raise Brazilian spirits.

Outside the stadium, things were already turning ugly. A mass robbery at a fan party in Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian flags set on fire in Sao Paulo spoke of people’s discontent. The demonstrations of people protesting at the huge costs associated with the World Cup – when there’s much more that needs to be done in the country – had been subdued by Brazil’s success in the tournament but now that the distraction of a possible win is out of the way people may well get back to questioning whether or not the whole thing is a waste of money.

Todays’ battle between Argentina and Holland will decide which country will face Germany on Sunday, July 13, while Brazil will be playing against today’s loser for third place on Saturday, July 12. Whoever wins today will feel understandably nervous at the prospect of facing off against Germany after their performance.

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