A Floam Away from Home: Trending Fashion in Lima


Located at Avenida San Martin 156 in Barranco is a little boutique clothing store called FLOAM.

When you walk in, the unique layout of this second-story shop will immediately catch your eye and you’ll be drawn in by the color-coded array of creative and stylish designs.

Flooded with natural light and tastefully decorated with art pieces by Peruvian artists, the shop has two changing areas and is always attended by friendly service.

FLOAM is the vision of Jennifer Flores, a fashion designer from Lima, Peru.

Jennifer manages FLOAM under the belief that fashion should suit the individual – not the other way around. While FLOAM initially revolved around the use of different textures and embroidery to create stylish pieces, the brand has evolved since its establishment in 2006. What inspires Jennifer today are the needs of the people, current trends, her own personal likes, and always a determination to create something original and fashionable that helps to break the monotony.

Prior to starting FLOAM, Jennifer got her degree in business administration from the University of Lima before spending a year in the States and returning to Peru to study fashion design at CEAM in Miraflores. Jennifer has also studied to be a personal shopper and stylist at IED in Madrid, Spain, and in 2016 she attended the London Fashion College’s School for Fabrics and Techniques before attending Premier Vision of Paris.

What makes FLOAM different from other clothing lines is that it is a true Peruvian brand through and through – designed and created in Peru by Peruvians.

When Jennifer first has the idea for a design she starts by drawing it and next selects the perfect fabric to bring her vision to life. Occasionally she’ll even find a fabric that will inspire a design. Once she has both the fabric and sketch, Jennifer makes a pattern, cuts the material, and sews everything together in her workshop with the help of a seamstress. Once the piece has been created, Jennifer will inspect it to ensure perfection and adapt the pattern and model before the design can be sold in the store.

The things that make FLOAM truly special are the details and applications that Jennifer adds to some of her designs that are unique to FLOAM and can’t be purchased elsewhere. But besides that, Jennifer only makes approximately eight copies of each design, thereby ensuring that when somebody buys a FLOAM piece they are buying something that can’t be found elsewhere and not many others will have.

Apart from FLOAM, Jennifer works in high couture designing wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and more.

She loves making personalized clothing to suit an individual’s style and personality and one of her most recent challenges has been to start a new men’s clothing line called M Clothing. Jennifer first had the idea to start M Clothing years ago, but when her father died in 2015 she was driven to make that idea a reality.

In the future, Jennifer hopes that FLOAM will keep growing. Her work is her passion and she enjoys the process every step of the way. To Jennifer, finishing a design, watching it come to life, and seeing it fit and please her customers is incredibly satisfying and helps to inspire her to continue working.

If you happen to be in Barranco, be sure to stop by FLOAM to check out the designs for both men and women and say hello to Jennifer!

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