Food was Cheaper in November


According to INEI, different types of food were cheaper during November.

The ending of the year may be the best example of how delicious and affordable Peruvian food is.

The price index that measures the cost of food products registered a slight decrease of 0.20% at the national level, driven, mainly, by the drop in the price of food and beverages by 0.74%.

INEI explained that food prices dropped as well due to the decrease in the prices of fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes, as well as of fish and shellfish; all of this caused by an increase in the number of hydrobiological products captured during November.

Among the foods with the greatest reduction in their prices during November, the lime fruit recorded a decrease of up to 34.5%, normalizing its price after the increase occurred due to the effects of coastal El Niño in the northern part of the country.

Nevertheless, this did not save other sectors from having prices increased during the month of November. A great example is the price of diesel oil which rose by 4.6% in November, as well as the clothing and footwear (0.13%), housing rental, fuel and electricity (0.91%), among others.

Do you think prices will maintain in December or will they increase?

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