Restaurant review: El Lobby del Pardo

(Photo: AmaraPhotos/Living in Peru)
An inviting atmosphere is just the beginning to this dining experience, where traditional Peruvian dishes are served with elegance.

‘Meet you at the lobby’ is quite a common phrase when traveling and spending nights at hotels. Don’t be surprised if you will soon be saying it yourself as El Lobby del Pardo, inside the Doubletree by Hilton, is the ideal spot for business meetings, gathering with friends or simply enjoying a moment of relaxation while sipping your favorite drink.

El Lobby has a stylish and impeccable décor that aims to ensure customers feel at home. Its high ceilings are supported by walls lined with wooden bookshelves with amazing pieces of literature. Nearby is a beautiful display of transparent jars with high-quality teas and blends from exotic and faraway locations for you to choose from. With an ambiance that one can cherish after a hard day’s work or a busy week, the elements of design are an invitation to spend countless hours perusing or sitting in comfy sofas next to a chimney.

(Photo: AmaraPhotos/Living in Peru)

We took a table and sat, eager to start our culinary adventure at this top-end hotel restaurant. We began with a Rocoto relleno (S/ 39) that came in a medium-size hot pan served along with a potato pie (as pictured in main photo). Although a starter, the dish was quite big (enough for two people, in fact) but we managed to finish it all as it was simply one of the best rocoto rellenos we’ve ever had. The filling which consisted of ragout, onions and spices, was tasty as could be. It was a bit spicy but not too much by Peruvian or foreign standards, I would say. The baked potato pie (pastel de papa), a classic pairing for the traditional Peruvian dish, was perfect. All together this dish was simply a treat.

We then had the Tiradito de pesca del dí­a, a nicely presented tiradito (thin slices of raw fish) with some spicy sauce in the middle. I could have certainly used more of that nice sauce to bathe each of the generous pieces of fish that were on the plate. The sweet potato was so deliciously soft that it was difficult to share with the rest of the team.

Tiradito (Photo: AmaraPhotos/Living in Peru)

We also tasted a Meat tartare (S/ 49), a dish not so commonly seen on menus in Peru. Made of raw, ground meat with capers and spices, the tartare was pretty tasty as one could feel the freshness of the ingredients in the elaboration of this European-inspired dish; quite pleasant indeed.

The starters were so generously served that one felt ready to go straight to the desserts, however it was time for the main plates.

We started with a marvelous Pescado a lo macho. Once again, it was a generously served dish, with a sea-bass as centerpiece, and shrimps, octopus and calamari swimming in an extraordinarily pleasant and spicy sauce. In a corner of the plate stood some wonderful moon-shaped croquettes of smashed, melt-in-your-mouth cassava (yucca). This dish certainly deserves another visit.

Pescado a lo macho, top, and Beef Stroganoff (Photo: AmaraPhotos/Living in Peru)

The Lomo Strogonoff con Spaetzli, covered in a yellow spicy sauce (S/ 53) was not our favorite: I found the meat overcooked and the spaetzli (or spaetzle, an egg noodle) lacking flavor. We also tried the Surf and Turf Lobby Style (S/ 79): several pieces of pork pancetta placed on top of a bed of mushroom ragout along with some jumbo shrimps. The pork in my opinion was dry and overcooked, and the ragout had a strong flavor that I did not fancy.

It was time to ‘Check-out’ the desserts, as stated in the menu. We started with a Triple chocolate bar (S/ 39), constructed of three kinds of chocolate layers, two of them made with award-winning Peruvian chocolates while the white chocolate was of Belgian origin. The dessert was very good: not heavy, not too small, not too big, just right for chocolate lovers. The Suspiro a la Limeña (S/ 24), a dessert many people, including myself, normally don’t ask for due to its overwhelming sweetness, was delicious. It was quite delicate, soft and simply wonderful. Finally, we had a Turrí³n de Doña Pepa (S/ 24), served warm with a scoop of chocolate ice cream on the side. Call me traditional, but it was not my cup of tea.

Triple Chocolate Bar, top, and a delicate Suspiro (Photos: AmaraPhotos/Living in Peru)

And talking about teas, I was ready to go after that wonderful collection of teas they had displayed in the salon. I opted for the tea of the house, Memories of El Pardo. This green tea blend was soft and delicate in taste, and was a nice way to finish our meal. For the coffee lovers, El Lobby has a few Peruvian gourmet coffees which you can choose from, which can be prepared using a French coffee press or an Italian. El Lobby will do anything possible to accommodate your needs and make sure every visitor feels at home. So perhaps, we’ll meet you at El Lobby.

El Lobby del Pardo
Av Independencia 121, Miraflores
(inside the Doubletree by Hilton)
Tel. 617 1000

Monday-Saturday (12:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m.); Sunday (6:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m.)

Salad bar buffet (Monday-Friday, lunch only): S/ 49
Starters: S/ 34 – 65
Soups and creams: S/ 29-49
Main dishes: S/ 36-79
Pasta and rice: S/ 36-49
Glass of wine: S/ 24 – 29
Coffees and teas: S/ 12-19



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