Forbes ranks South American companies among World’s Most Innovative


_Forbes_ has a lot of lists: Forbes 400, Forbes Global 2000, The World’s Billionaires.

And while another year has passed without _Living in Peru_ appearing on any of the lists (better luck next year, guys), there is some cause for celebration. In the recent 100-deep list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies, three businesses from South America made the cut.

If you’ve ever walked into a Peruvian bodega, or near a national mall, these names shouldn’t sound too foreign:


At #46, this Brazilian company shares the same name as the familiar bottled water from Peru (Agua Cielo) but it in fact provides merchant, payment processing, and credit and debit card services,’ according to _Forbes_. A joint-venture between Visa International and a round of Brazilian banks, Cielo is using technological solution to fight fraud.


Here at _Living in Peru_, we’re partial to craft beer (it tastes good to be a snob), but in terms of size we have to hand it to AmBev: they are the largest brewery in Latin America – and the fifth in the world. Coming in at #58, the Anheuser-Busch InBev-controlled company sells and distributes many of your favorite caloric-drinks such as Gatorade and Pepsi.


This Chilean chain of department stores is the lasrgest in South America, so it should be no surprise to see it sitting at #61 out of 100. Did you know it was created in 1889 by an Italian Chilean immigrant? IN 2015 it banked a net income of US $519 million, perhaps due to its own credit card, CMR. Talk about innovation.

For the full list, visit Forbes
The renowned business magazine included 3 familiar names among the list of 100 international companies. Can you guess who made the cut?



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