Former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori to seek humanitarian pardon


Keiko Fujimori has announced that her father, former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori, will ask for a humanitarian pardon.

Keiko Fujimori, herself a former congresswoman and presidential candidate, announced at a press conference that, “Upon the request of [Alberto Fujimori’s] children, all of his children, and other people, listening to the voices of people beyond fujimoristas, it has been decided that in the next few days, the request for a humanitarian pardon for my father will be presented.”

Her brother, Congressman Kenji Fujimori, added, “It was a decision of the whole family, but my father had the final word.”

The pardon request would be made to President Ollanta Humala, on the basis of Alberto Fujimori’s ailing health. He has been hospitalized after an operation to remove ulcers from his tongue. He has undergone five such operations.

Fujimori is serving a twenty-five year sentence for his participation in human rights abuses, including the Barrios Altos massacre, the killings of students at La Cantuta and the kidnappings of journalist Gustavo Gorriti and businessman Samuel Dyer. He was given a separate seven-year sentence for embezzlement, and a six year sentence after he pled guilty to bribing and wire-tapping journalists.

Some legal experts have asserted that even if he wanted to, Humala would be prevented from pardoning Fujimori. Law 28760 of the Peruvian legal code states that, “There will be no pardon, nor commutation, for those convicted of the crimes of kidnapping and extortion. Nor will there be Grace for those convicted of those crimes.”

Nevertheless, the president of the Supreme Court, César San Martín, told El Comercio, “I am not, personally nor institutionally, an obstacle for President Ollanta Humala to proceed with his constitutional duties.”

The former president’s family announced the decision after months of speculation.