Found in Peru Spearheads That Hunters Used 12,000 Years Ago


The discovery took place in the area known as Pampa Lechuza Archaeological Landscape.

Seven archaeologists, led by Jalh Dulanto, found in the desert of Paracas more than 150 paijaneses projectile points that are about 9,000 to 12,000 years old.

Dulanto heads the team of archaeologists of the Catholic University that investigates Pampa Lechuza, 250 kilometers south of Lima, in the Ica region, said El País. He indicated that they have collected and registered more than 20,000 stone objects, among them tools of cut stone and tailings, manufactured, used and abandoned by collectors and hunters.

The archaeologist also informed that these 150 projectile points were fabricated with local materials, such as flint, but also with others from hundreds of kilometers away, which suggests that some of these groups of people had high mobility or participated in exchange networks.

Among others responsible for this discovery are the archaeologists Isabel Aguirre, Luis Condori, John Cruz, Adrián González, Alicia Martínez, and Edison Mendoza.

The area of ​​the discovery of the 150 spearheads is part of a complex of archaeological sites now known as Pampa Lechuza Archaeological Landscape”, wrote El País. this area is in the process of being recognized as an Archaeological Heritage of the Nation by the Ministry of Culture, in order to preserve it from invasions and damages.

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