Four new shops on La Mar


Popping up between numerous auto repair shops, _cevicherias_ and apartment buildings, several newly opened, progressive and unique stores can be found on Avenida La Mar, Miraflores. From a quaint hidden coffee shop to a beautifully curated concept store, this avenue is becoming a foodie’s and cosmopolite’s paradise.

According to _Time Magazine_ “the best place to get [ceviche]is on Avenida La Mar.” The bustling street is home to some of Peru’s most prized seafood restaurants like the renowned Cebicheria La Mar by Gaston Acurio, which has been featured in countless top restaurant lists from around the globe. But Avenida La Mar has a lot more to offer than ‘just’ the world’s best ceviche. And we’ll prove it, with this route that takes you to four new stops, from one end of the avenue to the other:

1. Morphology:

Morphology is a concept store that promotes the formation of a new lifestyle and a new city: a cosmopolitan and diverse Lima, aware of nature and the environment, which draws on the traditions and local wealth and international contemporary trends” – according to its website. And it’s true – Morphology is more than just a store; it’s an experience.

As soon as you walk into the four-story building, you are greeted by a beautifully curated showroom that extends to the second floor. Impeccable brands like DVF, Elizabeth & James as well as For Love & Lemons are displayed on a mixture of live edge wood and sleek marble tables. The use of different materials throughout the showroom gives Morphology an eclectic but polished look. Walk one more flight of stairs to the third floor, and you reach the exhibition floor where concerts, art, and cultural events take place. Reaching the rooftop has it’s added benefits, in the form of a healthy cafe.

(Photo: Carly Tice)

Staying true to its concept, Morphology introduces nature throughout its design. The use of butterflies subtly greets the customer at several different points of the store. Even more impressive than the store itself is Morphology’s mission to generate environmental awareness. They pursue this goal by establishing a butterfly sanctuary in their backyard and placing 400 butterflies within it per week. Peru has the world’s largest number of butterfly species and Morphology wants to give back and raise awareness by showcasing a small sample of what Peruvian nature has to offer.

_La Mar 1332 (in front of Pescados Capitales)_

(Photo: Carly Tice)

2. Flora & Fauna:

No matter if you want to start eating better, love organic food or are already ‘eating clean,’ you will love the recently opened Flora & Fauna. This health and organic minimart should be your go-to stop for all things organic and nutritious.

(Photo: Carly Tice)

The beautifully designed and bright market shelves offer everything from fresh produce and bulk items, like nuts and grains, to natural skincare products. Stop by the cafe area to grab a brewed-to-order cup of coffee or baked good and enjoy it in their outdoor patio. Complete with sleek yellow chairs and green foliage, this outdoor space is a quiet oasis in the middle of raucous Lima.

(Photo: Carly Tice)

So, if you are looking for vitamins and supplements or freshly baked artisan bread then look no further than Flora & Fauna, the only natural and organic store you’ll need.

_La Mar 1110_

3. Cuatro en un Baul:

We previously featured Cuatro en un Baul as our business of the month for their timeless and quirky shop in Barranco. After two years and much success, the unique home furniture and decor store has opened a second location on Avenida La Mar.

(Photo: Carly Tice)

The inviting storefront boasts a black and white striped awning and forest motif that beckon you inside. A variety of styles are at play at Cuatro en un Baul and has something to offer for everyone, from your mother’s traditional tastes to your younger brother’s love of superheroes.

(Photo: Carly Tice)

On paper, a store that offers a mixture of vintage, recycled, industrial and modern styles may seem like a hodgepodge. But the owners of Cuatro en un Baul have managed to seamlessly weave together the styles into a beautiful and one-of-a-kind store.

_La Mar 463_

4. Flora Cafeteria:

The only sign about this cafe’s existence is a small blackboard on the sidewalk enticing the curious cosmopolite to come in. Nestled in a quiet and bright courtyard, Flora Cafeteria offers a variety of chocolates, desserts, sandwiches, juices, teas and coffee. Not only is the small cafe a great place to escape the noise of Avenida La Mar, but it is also super clean and has the ideal contemporary design to enjoy a coffee break.

_La Mar 333 (near intersection with Santa Cruz)_

(Photo: Carly Tice)

So when you’ve finished with your ceviche, head on over to the unique stores that run along this avenue. You can’t go wrong with Avenida La Mar.If you thought Avenida La Mar was just known for world-famous cevicherias then think again.