FPF Wants to Renew the Contract with Gareca Before the World Cup


The decision was imminent taking into account the big achievement of the Argentinian coach.

Now that history has been changed and Peru is going to the World Cup, fans are preparing to visit Russia and watch the team play.

Nevertheless, the team is also thinking about the World Cup already and they are training hard to have a good showing. This includes the coach, Gareca, who has been thanked by the president PPK himself. The FPF has plans to  contract him through the qualifications for Qatar 2022.

It is also tabling the idea for a practice match to be played against Germany before the World Cup 2018 in Russia. It is worth mentioning Germany is going to defend its position as World Cup champion.

The FPF is also seeking out other invitations to play practice matches, the U.S among the options. Thanks to the great job done by Gareca and his team, Peru will finally be able to go to the World Cup and it is regarded as one of the strongest candidates from Latin America.

What do you think about Gareca? Is it a good decision to have him as the coach for the World Cup?

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