France Orders Massive Withdrawal of Milk From Peru


The French Government announced on Sunday a massive withdrawal of infant milk for salmonellosis.

France has definitively removed from its market a lot of a milk from the brand “Gloria” because it may be contaminated with Salmonella. The announcement was made public this Sunday through its Ministry of Economy.

It is a child’s milk manufactured by the Lactalis group, a company that on December 2 had already withdrawn a certain part of its lot for the same reason.

However, the French government decided to eliminate all products because the risk of contamination is uncontrollable.

This alarm has affected Latin American countries, including Peru and Colombia. In Peru, the affected products are of the Gloria Infant brand. It is worth mentioning that there has been some controversy regarding dairy products, Gloria stood out as the only company buying fresh milk in the country.

This was announced in the statement of the French Ministry of Economy, which details that “600 batches of this milk are sold in Algeria, Morocco, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Romania, Greece, Bangladesh, China, Georgia, Haiti, and Pakistan.”

According to what AFP news agency Michel Net, communication director of the company declared, “the withdrawal affects almost 7 thousand tons of potentially contaminated products.” Meanwhile, according to the agency EFE, the decision to withdraw this milk from France was due to “this week have seen five new cases of salmonellosis in babies by the same strain that had generated the first alert.”

However, the French Executive stressed that the affected children are ok, no further details about their health status are known.

Do you drink milk from this brand?

(Cover Photo Gloria)

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