Free Tourist Circuit in Parque de la Exhibición


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Th new service aims to benefit schools, universities, groups of friends, families, etc.

In order to spread and promote national culture among the general public, Lima Parks Service (SERPAR) by the MML, launched a new guided tour through Parque de la Exhibición, for free. This park is located at the corner of avenues 28 de Julio and Garcilaso de la Vega, in Cercado de Lima.

It has been stated repeatedly the importance of boosting tourism in Peru. For this reason, not even during the Census will touristic activities be stopped.

Tourism to run normally on the day of the census: Click here.

Visitors will now be able to know more details about the history of monuments: Raymondi, Van Humbolt, Mateo Paz Soldán, La Fuente Square, the Chinese Pool Monument among other important attractions.

The guided tour must be coordinated one day in advance by calling the following telephone numbers: (01)2005508 and (+51)950289425. Visitors are allowed to record the trip with photos and video.

“Culture is a symbol that identifies us and makes us proud of who we are and where we live. Giving importance to culture in our lives is fundamental in order to exercise sensitivity, understanding, and reasoning that we need to apply in our social or ideological behavior,” said Serpar spokesmen.

This important initiative represents a good opportunity to raise awareness among general public helping tourism turn into one of our engines in economic, social and environmental aspects. As it is known, Parque de la Exhibición was declared as a National Cultural Patrimony on July 5, 2006.

In this way, the Municipality of Lima continues to consolidate its commitment to bring culture and healthy entertainment in the Metropolitan Parks of the city.

Do you think this is a good idea? Would you like to take the tour?

(source: press release)

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