Only Fresh Raw Milk Will Be Called Milk


Controversy triggered by the “Pura Vida” case results in laws enforcing honesty regarding milk and dairy products.

Congress took urgent action and passed a law to promote dairy farming, prohibiting the use of milk powder in mixtures offered under the name of evaporated milk.

6 months later, the Agrarian Commission of the Congress of the Republic decided to replace the text of this law and allow mixtures containing milk powder to be offered on the market.

From now on these products will not use the name “Milk”, but “Milk Product”. Only those products that contain raw or fresh milk, from cattle farms, can be called “Milk”. During the meeting, Grupo Gloria was mentioned as the only buyer of fresh milk nationwide.

Experts believe small producers should focus on milk derivatives such as cheese and butter, among others, to generate better income. The market has been an imperfect market for 40 years and this has led to an imperfect economy.

It is important to set a common framework of rules so producers will be able to compete against each other in the market and push the dairy product market using products from cattle farms.

Do you think this will affect milk products producers?

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