Fujimori Wishes a Merry Christmas After Receiving Humanitarian Pardon (VIDEO)


After numerous rumors being spoken all around for quite some time, former president Fujimori received the humanitarian pardon.

Some of the most popular rumors regarding former president Fujimori’s humanitarian pardon given by president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski suggest that there may have been some kind of arrangement between Kenji and PPK in order to refrain from voting or voting no during the extraordinary session where PPK’s vacancy was debated.

The truth is that former president Fujimori had been through some health issues and was transported to a hospital in Pueblo Libre just a couple of days ago. It is worth noting this is not the first time the former president has faced medical complications and has had emergency relocations.

From the very moment rumors related to Fujimori’s humanitarian pardon escalated, protests have been present in the center of Lima and other places of the city. Opinions related to this event are mixed, some saying that president PPK has betrayed all people who voted for him that are against Fujimori’s idealism, saying this has been an arrangement between Kenji (Alberto Fujimori’s son, who had a discussion during the extraordinary session last week) and president PPK.

Former president Alberto Fujimori who is considered the man able to finally handle terrorism in Peru during his government that lasted 10 years, showed up on a video along with his son Kenji, wishing a Merry Christmas, now as a free man.

Do you approve this humanitarian pardon?

(Source: Aris Sandrea)
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