Fun Fact Friday: Huaraz


The breathtaking city of Huaraz, located in the north central region of Peru is only 420 km. from northern Lima and has an altitude of about 10,013 ft. Huaraz is also known as the Switzerland of Peru, because of the Cordillera Blanca towards the east of the city, which has permanent snowcaps and glaciers and the Cordillera Negra that is located to the west that does not have permanent peaks or glaciers. Huascarán the highest mountain in Peru (22,205 ft) is also located in the Cordillera Blanca.

Things to do:

There are plenty of things for the adventurous tourist to do in Huaraz that include trekking, rock climbing, kayaking, visiting the Yuracyacu waterfall and of course you can also visit the Huascaran National Park, the Monterrey hot spring that is located north of the center of Huaraz (to get to the hot spring you can catch a combi from the central market) or ask someone at your hotel which is the easiest route to get there.

_(Photo: Laguna 69/Peru.com)_

Huaraz also has many beautiful lagoons to visit. Laguna Llaca is a great lagoon to visit in the Huascaran National Park. Also located in the national park is Laguna 69 a wonderful picturesque body of water.

Where to eat:

Tripadvisor has a good list of restaurants in Huaraz that includes Mi Comedia Pizzeria, Luigi’s Pizza, Cafe Andino, Chilli Heaven, and Trivio as their top 5 restaurants.

How to get there:

By plane: LcPeru

By bus: Cruz del Sur or Moviltours Have you been to Huaraz?



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