Fun Fact Friday: Paseo Yortuque


Outside the district of Chiclayo is the region of Lambayeque. If you ever decide to visit this northwest region be sure to walk down Av. Chinchaysuyo to see the statues of Yortuque.

Here you will able to see the most extensive collection of statues that tell the history of Lambayeque. The collection starts from Av. Victor Raúl Haya de La Torre until Av. Grau. The artist Juan Carlos Ñañaque built the 500 metre some statues that help represent the Naylamp myth that refers to Lambayeque’s culture.

_(Photo: Wikispaces)_

The myth tells the story of Naylamp who came from the sea bringing with him the Sicán or Lambayeque civilization where he founded a kingdom of many kings before the civilization was conquered by the Chimú culture. If you can’t make it to Lambayque below is a sneek peek of the run through of the displays.