Fun Fact Friday: The wetlands of Ventanilla


If you have time to kill before going to the airport to catch a flight or you have nothing to do on the weekend and love flora and fauna, then a quick trip to the wetlands of Ventanilla could be the perfect pit stop for you.

Situated in in the west central area of ​​the district of Ventanilla, along the Costa Azul, are 366 hectares of relaxing wetlands. These wetlands are a refuge for 62 animals, some endangered species, and a variety of vegetables.

If you love bird watching here you will be able to see at least 54 species, including resident and migratory groups. Some of the birds that you are likely to see while visiting include the endangered stilt puppy, _el pecho colorado_, the _saltapalito_, white heron, blue heron, little egret, the adorable the billed grebe and many more.

_(Photo: Billed Grebe/Wikimedia)_

You won’t just see birds while on your visit, but also terrestrial and aquatic insects which include Ephemeridae (Mayflies), butterflies, moths, beetles, true bugs, and dragonflies.

The main source that maintains the wetlands is the Chillon River. It has a total of 12 bodies of water, including 3 articficial bodies of water. These wetlands are under the care and conservation of the Municipality of the Callao.

Visiting hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Located in the district of Ventanilla, the wetlands are full of flora and fauna. Highly recommended for a quick visit.



Natasha Clay

Natasha grew up in a suburb of Chicago and moved to Peru two years ago and studied Bilingual Administrative Assistance and General Management at the British Academy. In her spare time she loves to be with family and her maltese, Maya.