The Future of the Huacho-Lima-Ica Train

(Photo: Innova Peru/Facebook)

One of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s project proposals during his presidential campaign was a train connecting Huacho to Ica through Lima. What is its status?

During the presidential campaign of current Peruvian leader Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, PPK’s team released a video proposal for a train connecting Huacho to Ica. In effect, it would connect the extended urbanizing areas of the northern part of Lima to the economically important department of Ica to the South.

Shortly after Pedro Pablo Kuczynski took office, plans for the project were drawn up and released to the press. What state is the proposal in now, more than a year later?

According to El Comercio, Minister of Transport Bruno Giuffra revealed that more than 22 companies are interested in the project.

Minister Giuffra also informs that they are in the process of converting the proposal from a private to public initiative in order to accelerate the necessary studies. He states that this will incentivize private companies to bid in a timely manner.

Proinversion can expect to see the project on their desk in 2018 as technical studies are in the final phase.

The Huacho-Lima-Ica train will connect with the Lima metro, integrating several important economically important and rapidly urbanizing nodes.

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