Gamarra Produced More than One Million Soccer Shirts for the Match against Colombia

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In the first ten days of October, more than one million Peruvian soccer jerseys were produced. Garments sold during October could be more than 5 million.

Fashion in Peru is a very important topic. Thanks to the great expectation of the Peru-Colombia match, during the first ten days of October, more than one million Peruvian soccer team jerseys were produced in the commercial emporium of Gamarra, said the Coordinator of Employers, Susana Saldaña.

The T-shirts were produced mainly in the workshops located in the 16th block of Humboldt Avenue, La Victoria.

“There are only six galleries in this block that are purely sportswear producers and in each, there is an average of 200 workshops. Each producer must have made between two thousand and ten thousand t-shirts, apart from the stocks they already had,” Saldaña told Agencia Andina.

The leader of Gamarra also pointed out that each workshop employee worked double shifts in the last ten days to supply the market with red and white garments.

“T-shirts have been shipped to other markets. The rest of the country should have received 300,000 shirts, of the products produced in recent days, and about 10,000 abroad, especially to the United States,” he added.

Five million is the goal

The leader estimated that all the production generated by Gamarra could reach five million pieces (of Peruvian National Soccer team apparel) sold during October, including T-shirts, scarves, hats, and others.

“Not only have they made shirts, but also other types of products have been made with cotton garments, such as scarves, boxers, wraps, and caps,” he said. He stressed that 70% of the 5 million pieces that could be sold would be shirts (3.5 million).

Did you buy a t-shirt to cheer on your team?

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