Gang Dedicated to Land Trafficking in Lima Dismantled


“Los Secos del Sur” would create fake real estate companies to cover up their illicit activities.

The National Police of Peru (PNP) and the Public Ministry captured yesterday 19 members of the criminal organization “Los Secos del Sur”, dedicated to hired killers, extortion, land theft, aggravated fraud, coercion, illicit drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons in Lima.

According to the police investigations, this band used as façade the rural community of Llanavilla and thus covered up their illicit activities in the area, informed El Peruano.

“Likewise, they formed front companies dedicated to the real estate activity, modality in which they have cheated and defrauded with the illegal sale of lands”, wrote this news website today.

It was reported that the criminal organization was headed by Bernardino Esplana Enríquez, known as “Comunero” or “Jefe”. He is known to have done illegal activities since at least 2013.

Also, the PNP said to El Peruano that “Los Secos del Sur” forced their victims to pay for security deposits, subjected the population to forced labor and often prevented them from entering their homes.

This criminal organization also kept the population of Pampa Chica under physical and psychological threat, you can read in El Peruano. All of this in order to assault them to steal and resell their lands to third parties.

During the intervention, 700 agents participated, with the support of 35 specialized prosecutors in organized crime and a helicopter of the PNP.

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